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For the paper with the trees, I prepped the trees ahead of time. To create these trees, I prepped a sheet of 12×18″ drawing paper by drawing a hill and adding a tree strump with marker. For this fun 1 day lesson, I harley quinn disfraz casero prepped students hats by cutting out a hat shape from a sheet of tagboard. On day 2 of the lesson, students cut out their tree leaving a little bit of white all around the tree. On day 2 of the lesson, students then simply cut out their mitten (the black sharpie lines are still visible through the tissue) and glued the back with a glue stick. The idea of not being able to cut your hair simply because the salons are all closed would have been anathema to my grandmother’s generation, who managed very well with a bit of practice and the kitchen scissors. Times that by 3 classes of 25 kids- not to mention pre-jelly fish body making with saran wrap (I don’t know what I was thinking?!!) Did I mention that I don’t have a sink in my art room?

My recommendation is to get this book if you don’t have it yet in your classroom! We draped 4 pieces of yarn I think in total, but it can have more. durag for sale The yarn was cut ahead of time to about 36″ long. The final step is to add one more layer of tissue (going over the whole cup and the yarn) to the bottom of the cup. Students then glued on (pre-cut) small squares and rectangles of warm colored tissue paper using watered down elmer’s glue with a paint brush over the mitten.Tell students to use only a thin layer of watered down glue. Overlap pieces of tissue as you work your way down the tree. Overlap sections of tissue paper to ensure the white areas will be covered up. Students learned how to mix red and white to create pink and then how to print leaves and petals onto their paper using the sponge and paint.

However, the double parallel and French folds can save money since you only need print on one side. I then drew a row of small triangles with pencil on each side of the folded paper. I drew the mittens out ahead of time and traced with black sharpie to define the edges. This project was modified even further for some students where paper strips could be glued down in rows or overlapping one another on an uncut sheet of black 12×18″ paper. I wrote each students names and their class on a sheet of paper and placed it under the jellyfish to dry (paper plates or whatever would work too). I did break it down into (2) 40 minute art classes but still -Can you see all the tissue paper everywhere in a class of 25 kids and glue and sticky tables and sticky hands? They glued them down using a glue stick.

Hold the stick at about a 45 degree angle to your paper, and let the wax drip down. Once complete kids glued the end sections so they would stay in place with a glue stick. You’ll need specially-shaped glue gun wax that doesn’t have a wick, and fits correctly into the gun. You can choose from two application methods: a glue gun and a traditional melting spoon. Glue one hill down along one edge, then the other one overlaps the first along the opposite edge. playboy outfit ideas Glue the paper where you want the tissue to go first with a thin layer, then apply a piece of tissue, then smooth the tissue down with the paintbrush with another thin layer. It’s ok if the tissue bends and overlaps itself, the goal is to just make it smooth with the brush. This way, my distressed bits are sealed nicely and the finish of my piece is super smooth.

When it dries, it will show on the darker finish. Here you can put different images for each section and that will help the people to categories the different sections and to distinguish them from each other. Students then created the sky background, by dipping their finger (I tell kids to just use one finger here) into white liquid tempera paint and dotting their pink papers all over. Since the paper (mitten) is now thicker with layers of glue and tissue you need to use a lot of glue all over the back to make sure it sticks to the sky background. White paint was added for a snowy background using the same method. On day 2, students glued on the white hills to their pink papers. This paper gets set aside to dry until day 2 of the lesson. Once all trees are done, set aside that paper to dry until the next class. Once complete, it is set aside to dry until the next class.

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