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He also brings immense passion and knowledge that he can share with our team and with the next generation of Cosmos players in our youth academy. All 23 players on the USWNT play in the National Women’s Soccer League right here in the US. Several players were staying in Manhattan, ordinarily a good place to be to sit out a delay, except it was messy to get around. Colombia shuts out Poland 3-0, and a DJ immediately takes over. It’s a sea of yellow-clad Colombia fans with splotches of red for Poland supporters – a gigantic tailgate party. Instead of eye black, Coutain has a sticker of England’s flag under each eye, matching his red jersey. He also brought a red vuvuzela – a plastic horn, which some also call a grenade whistle – and blows it every time things go England’s way. Brown-Finnis played three of England’s qualifiers for this tournament. The English will be taking an important step towards European glory, but winning is just a step out of reach for the Three Lions. Central defenders such as Harry Maguire will be in for a toiling battle aerially in Italy this weekend. The Spanish league says it will not attend upcoming meetings organized by the Spanish Football Federation to discuss the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Kremlin says King Felipe VI has congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin on the home team’s win. Spain’s second-division club Rayo Vallecano says it signed Ukraine striker Roman Zozulya on a loan from Real Betis despite protests by many of its supporters on social media because of his alleged connections to radical groups back home, something he quickly dismissed with an open letter to fans. Nasa Hataoka, who won at Wilshire Country Club last week, is not playing. Sanchez is renowned for his playful demeanour and has previously represented Valencia, Malaga and Italian club Fiorentina. He went to the last World Cup in Brazil. Australia’s World Cup qualifier against Kuwait, which kicks off at 5am Friday AEST at Jaber Al-Hamad Stadium, starts a run of four games in 13 days in a Kuwait hub that can seal progression to the third round of qualifying. Although 40 passengers — including 18 members of the squad — and four crew were shaken by the ordeal, they managed to evacuate the aircraft and walked away relatively unscathed save for some minor injuries. The pilot’s family has today insisted Quiroga did everything he could to save lives. We know that Miguel did everything possible to save the crew and everyone on board the flight.

They all know each other very well, but don’t hesitate to welcome a stranger to their table because there’s an open seat. Not a single seat is available inside. Last night, civil aviation chief Alfredo Bocanegra said: ‘Upon arriving at the scene of the accident, and having been able to do an inspection of all of the remains and parts of the plane, we can affirm, clearly, that the aircraft did not have fuel at the moment of impact. She did, however, play in all three matches of the Under 20 World Cup in 2010. Last year switched from Everton to Merseyside rivals Liverpool, where she has made a bright start. Three generations of a Portuguese family sit together, watching Portugal play Iran. He has family there, many on his mother’s side. Germany are set to play against fellow Adidas side Hungary in Group F this summer – with France. The hookah is also set down. The boardwalk is pretty much empty because most people are down by the surf, enjoying the warm Tuesday afternoon.

The crowd can be heard several doors down the otherwise quiet street. Everyone dances. The braves ones try to crowd surf (key word: try). And there’s a decent crowd in the restaurants for a late lunch. And there’s a $25 cover charge for the 2 p.m. Maryland issued lockdown orders that go into effect at 8 p.m. Once Russia finalizes its 3-1 win, strangers clink their glasses together – most filled with beer – and share smiles and words in Russian. All is calm – until Russia scores a goal against Egypt. Paula’s baby girl is in a Portugal onesie and wears noise-cancelling headphones when things get too loud during the afternoon game – she somehow slept through cheers of Portugal’s only goal without them, though. The line to get into Studio Square NYC spans blocks. Drinks get chucked in the air. Bright red highlights deliver a fresh take for the new generation of Spanish soccer.

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