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Journeyman Division: This division is intended for those who are more experienced with creating their own costumes or performing on stage. Acting, dancing, etc. These take some time and planning to do, but they are a great experience! You can always take some jewelry or other kind of accessories of the character that you want to be through cosplay. When you have time, it’s best to actually take into account choosing a selected character and making a full costume for them. Judges, or sometimes fans, are responsible for choosing winners based on creativity and originality. pirate couple costume These concepts are the same clothes matching principles as in everyday life. Women are well- known for taking on the roles of the male especially in their childhood or teenage years; a trend that’s now being adopted in Western culture. This fun-oriented activity gained popularity in Japan, and is also enjoyed in many Western and European countries now-a-days.

No more than 2 major awards won previously at a comparable-sized convention or larger for their costumes or performances. More than 3 major awards won previously at a comparable-sized convention or larger for their costumes or performances. No more than 1 major awards won previously at a comparable-sized convention or larger for their costumes or performances. Powered up aliens, defending the earth from destruction, huge battles, and fearsome stare downs-what more could you ask for? He can say the experience has deepened his appreciation for the art of drag — and made him stronger and more confident. Her styles include anime, manga, sci-fi and more.

It would be beneficial to your score to bring as much reference as possible, preferably as a color printout, but bringing figures, tablets, manga, books, laptops, etc., powerpuff girls costumes will also be accepted. A reference is a picture of the character that you are cosplaying. Participants may enter in both Craftsmanship and Performance and if the judges see that a group has both excellent craftsmanship and an excellent performance, they are eligible to win awards in both competitions. For those of you who have never competed in a masquerade before, you may be wondering how this is done. Those with staff badges or guest badges are not allowed to enter the Masquerade at Triad Anime Con. Juniors Exhibition: This category is for those who are 12 and under who want to see what it’s like to be in the Masquerade but not compete yet. It’s a low-stress and fun way to participate in a cosplay contest.

You can compete in Craftsmanship and/or Performance OR exhibit your costume onstage just for fun. If there is anything else that we can help,pls feel free to contact us. And if there is something you need you do not see, let us know – we will do our best to find it for you. The judges will be there to help guide you in your costume judging. We will give each entrant 5 minutes for the judging process as a guideline, but if you pass it, don’t worry. All costumes must have been made from scratch by the entrant. Original designs or “OC’s” created by the entrant are also not permitted.

If you are not also competing in Performance, you will walk onstage to show off your costume alongside the Exhibition entries. Think of it like a J-culture themed fashion runway show! It does not matter whether you prefer keeping updated with fashion news. Syndrome proclaims itself a cute Kawaii Harajuku street fashion store. Cosplay is also seen in traditional Japanese culture and fashion. One such international cosplay event is the Madman National Cosplay Competition which takes place in Australia annually. No fanart costumes will be permitted in the Craftsmanship competition. Craftsmanship and Performance are separate competitions. Fan-made designs such as Pokemon gijinka or steampunk Sailor Moon are not permitted as they are classified as fan art.

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