get a wax seal made

Some people like the marbleized appearance the soot lends to darker waxes, but if you wish to minimize it, stirring and smoothing the wax as outlined in the next step can help. If the wood was previously finished and you want to rejuvenate it, you’ll need to sand it down before applying the sealant. You don’t want the wood impressing into your seal so keep that in mind when picking a handle. Oh and all of those AOL metal CD tins you have been hording (oh yes, I know about them, don’t deny it!) they are the perfect housing for these little sets because the magnet sheets will stick to them. ’t have to stamp…and don’t have enough to make more than a few cards. I teach classes and needed enough pieces to make 16 cards. Also one of my kids found very fancy note disfraz superheroe casero cards in packages for 2.00 and they are so beautiful all they need is a stamped message or a butterfly to make them perfect. Self adhesive wax seals go on like stickers, but look exactly like hand poured and stamped wax seals.

I’ve attached a sample with images stamped ‘before and after’. I’ve found that running textured cardstock through my Cuttlebug before stamping almost completely smoothes out the texture. Run a similar color of cardstock through an embossing folder . This will work with any plastic “bone” folder. I used the Perfect Polka dot embossing folder from Stampin’ UP. My designer paper had rows of polka dots and some muted background colors. So I took the designer paper, and since it had polka dots on it..and some “muted” colors. Depending on your original paper, you can end up with a good “faux” design. I have a long toothpick with Tack-it on the end. Hi everyone,Do you have punches that have not seen the light of day in awhile? Many of us purchase punches because we love the shapes and know exactly what we can do with the die cuts. Punching layers of wax paper several times can loosen a punch that sticks and does not release the die cut.

Also I would have done the wax pellets instead of sticks as well. Well I have found a use for them finally. I was at the dollar store the other day and there are a lot of Christmas decorations that would be great to take apart and use for embellishments on cards. The useless scrap will now be part of your arsenal of embellishments. A clean, dry cotton swab will do the trick. The blue sky background was then set aside to dry. Option 3 is where your wedding invitations will arrive to you as a completed set ready to give to your wedding guests. Set a kitchen timer to remind you to remove the punch. Give the foil a simple wash under the kitchen faucet and allow it to drip dry. You can also use a spray shampoo with a pump sprayer and the car can be cleaned with a damp or dry microfiber cloth.

Honestly i use my emery board a lot but I cannot remember the last time I used it on my nails! During my last visit in the library I stumbled across some music cd´s from a series called “chill with …..and then following a classical composer. The real reason I’ve been extremely busy this last couple of weeks was doing a favor for my buddy and making her wedding invitations. Your invitation sets the tone for your wedding day: is it formal, casual, indoors or outdoors, a sit down dinner or happy hour party? There are no dumb questions when it comes to wedding invitations as more than likely, this is a beast you have never encountered before. Simple stamp out words with permanent ink like staz-on, cut the words into strips and you are done. Cut Glue sticks into small chunks for melting in a warmer. Attach a small piece of scotch tape (could be masking tape, removable tape, wax and seal etc.) to the topside of your object before turning it over and applying the glue to the underside of the object to be attached . Keep applying more glue then paper as you work your way down, alternating colors if you like (as we did below) and smoothing each piece as you go with the brush.

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