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Note: The Cosplay Staff has the right to place a competitor in an appropriate division at their discretion. At your discretion, “Placed Award” (such as a 2nd or 3rd place award) and Honorable Mentions or Judges Awards, do not have to be considered. Master Division: This division is intended for those who have advanced experience with creating their own costumes or performing on stage. Journeyman Division: This division is intended for those who are more experienced with creating their own costumes or performing on stage. Novice Division: This division is intended for those new to making their own costumes or performing on stage and have not competed much, if at all.

A division is simply your placement and competition level. Everyone entering Craftsmanship and/or Performance is required to choose a division. Participants may enter in both Craftsmanship and Performance and if the judges see that a group has both excellent craftsmanship and an excellent performance, they are eligible to win awards in both competitions. If you are not also competing in Performance, you will walk onstage to show off your costume alongside the Exhibition entries. Tell the judges everything about how you made your costume. The judges will look at your costume up close! The judges will be there to help guide you in your costume judging.

One reason is that there are just so many characters to pick from! If your skit has original characters and/or non-cosplaying characters, they should make up the minority of characters your skit. Especially the main characters provide strong emotions that will make you feel attached to them and be interested in Final Fantasy cosplay costumes. Tokyo Ghoul Uta no Prince Sama Vocaloid Cosplay Fire Emblem Awakening Final Fantasy Cosplay Free! Sometimes it’s just nice to have a cool accessory or weapon to show off your love of fantasy. All competitors must have an official Triad Anime Con badge. Anime cosplay fans will love these clothes if you give them a surprise.

We will give each entrant 5 minutes for the judging process as a guideline, but if you pass it, don’t worry. Original designs or “OC’s” created by the entrant are also not permitted. All costumes must have been made from scratch by the entrant. For those of you who have never competed in a masquerade before, you may be wondering how this is done. Juniors Exhibition: This category is for those who are 12 and under who want to see what it’s like to be in the Masquerade but not compete yet. Think of it like a J-culture themed fashion runway show! I do like those lenses. Or to be Ichigo you can find an all black outfit and buy a sword, which matches his. You can always take some jewelry or other kind of accessories of the character that you want to be through cosplay. Be prepared to talk about your costume: Come in knowing what you want to say.

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