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Exhibition entries are not skits. Performance Competition (skits): You will be going up to do some sort of performance for the audience. Exhibition/Walk On: You will be going on stage for a few seconds, posing, and showing off your costume. Mix up pieces, make a few of your own, add this, remove that and make it special – your unique cosplay creation. Note: The Cosplay Staff has the right to place a competitor in an appropriate division at their discretion. Master Division: This division is intended for those who have advanced experience with creating their own costumes or performing on stage. Novice Division: This division is intended for those new to making their own costumes or performing on stage and have not competed much, if at all.

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Journeyman Division: This division is intended for those who are more experienced with creating their own costumes or performing on stage. Everyone entering Craftsmanship and/or Performance is required to choose a division. A division is simply your placement and competition level. We advise all entrants to enter at the divisions/skill level they feel comfortable at within reason (see below). You can see how to dress up like Yugi Moto from Yu-gi-oh, Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Ruby Rose from RWBY. You can compete in Craftsmanship and/or Performance OR exhibit your costume onstage just for fun. If you are not also competing in Performance, you will walk onstage to show off your costume alongside the Exhibition entries.

Think of it like a J-culture themed fashion runway show! Juniors Exhibition: This category is for those who are 12 and under who want to see what it’s like to be in the Masquerade but not compete yet. It’s a low-stress and fun way to participate in a cosplay contest. You want to put together an anime cosplay outfit but you don’t have the funds to buy a professional one. Harukaze runs on the more expensive side of wigs, but they offer unique, individually customized wigs for nearly every character from every popular anime and video game series imaginable—Attack on Titan, Black Butler, Naruto, Final Fantasy, Persona—you name it! I have a black robe and a noose I wear around my neck.

The smokey eye look has been called the little black dress of make up as it is always stylish. Their bodies are often not proportional especially in the females, which makes it hard to look like the characters exactly. If your skit has original characters and/or non-cosplaying characters, they should make up the minority of characters your skit. For example, original designs by Japanese illustrator Sakizo are allowed as they are similar to the original characters you would find in manga and anime, and come from published works. Over twenty unique styles come in nearly every color imaginable, guaranteeing you will be able to find the perfect shade for your character of choice.

We have some strategies that will we have some strategies that will help you come up with your costume ideas and get them finished with time to spare. We’ve got the Jack Skellington costume for you! You do not have to have made your own costume if you are only entering for Performance. All costumes must have been made from scratch by the entrant. Outside of conventions, the most popular Cosplay costumes are school girl outfits and maid uniforms. 1. Decide who you want to cosplay as. For those of you who have never competed in a masquerade before, you may be wondering how this is done.

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